Wednesday, August 27, 2014

A first grader

Dear our beloved zikra,

You’re a first grader now. 
We always wonder how we feel time flies since the day you were born.
Now you’re in level with more seriousness needs than before.
At first, we were scared you’ll easily get bored, but after sometimes, bunda finds you always look happy by the time I pick you up at school. Even tough you always fall asleep on our way home.

It doesn’t matter when you’re suddenly tired after school because you’re too active doing many things to learn and play in the school time.
In fact, we like when you say you like your school, your teacher and friends.
We hope you can learn with high spirit and motivation.
We hope you can gain knowledge as much as you laugh.
We pray that you will be a student with noble character.
We hope you will love islam and take it as your way of life.

Enjoy your upcoming adventure and may Allah’s help always be with you, dear abang.



  1. congrats ya udah masuk SD! :)

  2. Tos Zikra, sesama anak SD!
    Semoga selalu hepi dan pinter di sekolah yaa :)



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